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Common Marshmallow root

Common Marshmallow root

  • CONTAINS: common marshmallow – roots
    Roots are used for treatment of inflammation of the respiratory tract, laryngitis with a hoarse voice, pharyngitis, tracheobronchitis an irritating cough, breathlessness. They are also used for their soothing effect on 
    acute inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Common marshmallow roots are also used for inflammation of the urinary tract, painful urination,
    etc. For external use, a water extract of common marshmallow roots
    is recommended for gargling in case of laryngitis with a hoarse voice,
    as well as for treatment of boils, wounds and other skin diseases
    in the form of compresses.

    Makes an extract by pouring 500 ml of cold water over 1 tablespoon of finely chopped herb. Let it stay for 1 hour, then filter it. Add honey to it. Drink a tablespoon of the extract 5-6 times a day.


    Logistical information for the wholesaler:
    50 pieces in a carton

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