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Sage Tea leaves

Sage Tea leaves

  • CONTAINS: sage tea – leaves
    It is used for sore throat, laryngitis, tracheobronchitis, cough of different origin. It soothes stomach pains and has a favourable effect on inflammation of the stomach and intestines, stomach ulcer, diarrhoea, liver and  biliary disease. Externally, as an infusion of compresses, it is
    used for treatment of purulent wounds, and as baths – for skin rashes. As a gargle, it is recommended for angina, toothache, inflammation of the oral mucosa.

    Use an infusion of 1 tablespoon of the herb per 1/2 l of boiling water as a gargle and treatment of purulent wounds. For internal use, make an infusion of 1 tablespoon of the herb and 250 ml of boiling water.


    Logistical information for the wholesaler:
    50 pieces in a carton

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