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Creeping Cinquefoil stalk

Creeping Cinquefoil stalk

  • CONTAINS: creeping cinquefoil – stalks
    Creeping cinquefoil is recommended for inflammation of any kind and has a haemostatic effect. For inflammation of tonsils and throat, myoma of the uterus, herpes zoster, haemorrhoids, stomach ulcers and
    intestines, diarrhoea, liver disease, eye inflammation, periodontal disease, etc.

    Steam one teaspoon of finely chopped creeping cinquefoil in 150 g of boiling water. After cooling down, drink it 30 minutes before meals. Take it 3 times a day as each dose has to be made immediately before use.


    Logistical information for the wholesaler:
    50 pieces in a carton

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